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Babies get over 1 million Stem Cells w/ OCC

Stem Cells have the ability to transform & repair almost any bodily tissue, organ or system. (source

Your baby’s ONLY chance to get Stem Cells naturally!


What are Stem Cells?

Optimal Cord Clamping gives babies over 1 million Stem Cells.

Stem cells are types of magical* cells that can transform or repair almost any tissue, system, or organ in the body. Stem cells come from different parts of our body. Some stem cells for in different times in our lives. Embryonic Stem Cells only exist in the early stages, but Multi-potent stem cells stay in the body in the later stages of life and for the rest of its life. Embryonic Stem Cells can become any of the bodies cells except for the placenta and umbilical cords cells. Multi-potent can only become a few different cell types mainly in tissue or organs. All Stem Cells make copies of themselves.Stem cells can also fight of diseases. Stem cells can divide or remake themselves over a long period of time. They aren’t specialized so they can fix or change into almost anything in the body, but they can become specialized cells when they transform into that organ, tissue, or system in the body. Stem cells have been used over 35,000 times. They can treat 80 life threatening diseases. Ex. nervous system diseases, cardiac disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

If you do delayed cord clamping your baby/child can have extra blood which may  contain vital stem cells, (That can fight of or change into/repair tissue, system or organs in the body). Your baby/ child can lose its only chance of getting natural stem cells with instant cord clamping. This doesn’t happen with delayed cord clamping. So please wait 2-3 minutes, or until the cord is white. Don’t deny your baby’s only chance of getting its stem cells from its natural source. This will be really important for you and your baby/child.

Stem Cells have the ability to transform & repair almost any bodily tissue, organ or system. Your doctor can not create Stem Cells. This is your Baby’s ONLY chance to get them. These Stem Cells provide extra defenses by fighting off and preventing disease by transforming into the types of cells that can be vulnerable.


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